Wellness Sanctuary

Welcome to La Cherulerie – a back to nature retreat where you can regain your connection with nature and her rhythms. La Cherulerie with its tranquil lake on a bedrock of quartz, is set in the beautiful countryside of South Normandy. With no facilities and camping in nature, we experience a simpler way of life where we can raise our consciousness.

With its high vibrational energy, La Cherulerie provides an ideal environment to

  • Tune into the elements, Sun, Moon and Stars
  • Rebalance the energy centres of the mind, body and spirit with visualisation and meditation
  • Meditate with the Angels, Elementals & Unicorns
  • Experience what it would be like to live a simpler life within a modern world
  • Change to a higher vibrational way of living and thinking now
  • Experience the medicine wheel and getting back in touch with the wise ones
  • Experience the new energies being poured onto our planet

There are a number of future events planned, for further information please contact Heather on 07961 870 873