Sizzling Minerals

Why Does Everyone Including YOU need Sizzling Minerals?

Many years of commercial farming, food processing, mining, irrigation, pesticides, synthetic additives and acid rain have destroyed and removed life-giving minerals from our soil. Mineral deficient soils are then used to grow and cultivate our food. If the life-giving minerals are not in the soil, they are not in the food and they are not in YOU. Because of this, your food is highly likely to be lacking in the essential minerals necessary to live a long and healthy life.

Dr Linus Pauling (2 time Nobel Laureate) has stated: “The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals”. And Dr Gary Price-Todd has stated “The human body needs at least 60 minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state”. “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals”.

The absolute best minerals for your body are ‘Plant Derived’. Don’t even think about using metallic shop bought minerals. Metallic minerals are the cheap ineffective type you find in most health shops. You are basically eating ground up rock and clay. Sizzling Minerals contain 75 Pure Plant Minerals in each Wafer supplement. Taken in a glass of water, these Minerals will provide you with everything you need for greater wellbeing and health.

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