Meditation is an ancient art which more and more people are turning to  in order to find relief from the distractions, stress, worries and fears of modern life.

Meditation is a very simple practice where we train the mind to stop all distracting thoughts by focussing simply on the sensation of the breath. A meditation session can last for any length of time however an average session is about 15 minutes.  Practised every day, even for 5 minutes, meditation can bring wonderful benefits including emotional and mental wellbeing, spiritual awareness, helping the  immune system and combatting aging.

I offer 1:1s, Monthly Group Sessions, Workshops, Wellness Retreats in France and Corporate Meditation within the Workplace. Monthly Group Sessions and Workshops are held within the Poole area. Corporate Meditation sessions are conducted on-site at each client company’s offices at times that do not conflict with daily work schedules.

Costs maybe discussed on an individual or corporate basis depending on your requirements.

For further information or to book your place please call 07961870873 or email me on