Energy Therapy

Hair Analysis
We use a small amount of our clients’ hair as a vibrational sample which allows us to detect the root causes of any imbalances. We then work to get our clients back to a blank canvas by the removal of electromagnetic and geopathic stress, parasites, candida/fungus and any chemicals/heavy metals. This takes about 5 weeks, at which point we should have full absorption of vitamins and minerals and be in a position to focus on the body’s weaker points and emotions. The path to optimum health varies with each individual with some returning quite quickly and others taking longer.

Help for Animals
Using the same process as for humans, we take a small sample of hair as a vibrational sample, to detect the root causes of any imbalances. In addition, animals should not be fed food that is unnatural for their digestive systems. For example, horses are herbivores and in their natural environment, eat herbs, flowers, weeds, roots, bark, nuts and seaweed. They also lick the earth and stones to find the right minerals that their bodies need to rebalance themselves naturally. It is no surprise that horses in their natural state do not seem to get the diseases that domestic horses suffer.

Disclaimer: we do not intend to state or imply that any of the products or treatments we suggest can cure, treat or prevent any disease. Only the totality of your diet and nutritional program is relevant to your body’s self-healing power.