Yurts in France, or not


Creative Commons License photo credit: Fighting Irish 1977

We are considering how our Wellness Retreat will look and have been looking into Yurts and have found out some interesting things.

Yurt is a turkish word, meaning ‘homeland’. ‘Yurta’  is  Russian, it’s a term for a hovel or slum house.

Mongolians live ina tent called a ‘ger’ which means ‘home’ and their whole culture is built around the ger.  They don’t like their gers being called yurts.

So, we have been considering how our retreat might look with gers.

Gers are extremely practical, they have to be, the Mongolians live in the windswept tundra and gers have to provide comfort in hot and cold weather – not like the hot or cold we know, -45 to +45 degrees centigrade. They are also reasonably easy to erect…with practice and comfortable for our guests.

We will see, we don’t want to upset the balance of our Wellness Retreat and there is a danger that these could move us from ‘retreat category’ to ‘fashionable’ and that’s not really the aim.

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