Diabetics – Sizzling Minerals – Den’s Story

This is such a powerful message and I do urge you to pass this on to anyone especially diabetics.

“I am insulin dependent and also have had two heart attacks. My diabetes wasn’t controlling hence I was under the care of the Diabetic Specialist at our local hospital. In December 2013 I had a cancerous tumour removed from the right side of my mouth. The whole of the palette, jaw and teeth were removed. For two days I was in Intensive Care followed by 12 days in High Dependency where I was fed through the nose as I had a plate screwed into the top of my mouth. Whilst I was in hospital they couldn’t control my sugar levels and the ward were in daily contact with my Diabetic specialist. Friends visited me in hospital and left a tube of Sizzling Minerals. I couldn’t take them at the time as I was being fed through the nose. For all of those who know me well, you will know that I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to supplements, but I was willing to give them a go. In the following weeks, at my regular cancer check ups with the hospital, the Professor was amazed at my healing and for those who know, diabetics take longer than normal to heal when they have an injury. I was given the all clear with no radio and no chemo!

At my 3 month Diabetic review with the specialist in March 2014 she was astounded at my results, especially as my sugars were out of control in the hospital. She was so amazed with blood, diabetic and weight results that she discharged me from her clinic at the hospital and referred me back to my doctor for 6 monthly checks. The specialist asked me what I was doing different and at this stage I did not admit to taking the Sizzling Minerals. Her words were “whatever you are doing just keep doing it”.

October 2014 I had my first review at the doctors not expecting to see any further changes. However the Nurse was ecstatic and over the moon with my results and this time I wrote down exactly what they were.

HBA1C – now this is the biggest indicator for diabetics as it shows you how much sugar is sticking to the blood cells. Well I had been as high as 122. In March 2014 it had dropped to 60 and in October 2014 dropped to 58. My kidneys are normal, my liver is normal and my cholesterol had dropped to 4.8 and I had lost another 6kg. And all this on one Sizzling Mineral wafer a day!

Since the beginning of November 2014 I have been taking 2 Sizzling Minerals a day. I was on a 3 times a day insulin dosage of 60, 60, 60 but now with 2 wafers I have had to reduce the dosage to 10, 10, 10. This is so amazing!

The blood clumping photo in the Sizzling Minerals brochure now makes sense to me when I relate it to my HBA1C results. It’s not only about visual and physical improvements that people are seeing with this product, it’s what is going on inside. So I urge everyone out there to start taking these fantastic minerals to keep your insides healthy. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Please pass this message on to anyone you can help”

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World Sound Meditation 5th September 2015

I was guided to this site by one of my suppliers Crystal Herbs, to whom I am truly thankful. I had never visited Tom Kenyon’s site before and for those of you who would like to know more his website is www.tomkenyon.com. Go to the section on The Hathors and then click on “The Nature of Angels”. You will see the whole transcript, together with Tom’s comments. I would like to share some extracts from the message.

You are collectively passing through a very difficult and dangerous point. The destructive forces upon your planet in terms of religious fanaticism, climate change, corporate greed and manipulation, as well as dire threats to the very foundations of your eco-system are increasing.

You are now entering, from our perspective, a massive Chaotic Node the likes of which your planet has not seen for some time. If unmitigated, this Chaotic Node could result in the mass extinction of multitudinous life forms including many humans.

We are therefore calling into action all positive angelic forms from all spiritual traditions, from all life-affirming interdimensional beings, from all alien civilizations of positive intent, and from all human beings who are aligned with our intention.

We will be creating a nexus point on September 5, 2015. And through a global meditation we will be calling forth these many diverse and life affirming angelic forms into an alliance for the protection of life and its elevation upon this planet.

Let us be clear what we mean by this.

If human consciousness elevates itself to a higher level than it is currently manifesting, then it deserves to survive. If it does not elevate itself then humanity, as you know it, will not survive this passage. It is a collective cosmic intelligence test you are now facing on many levels.

Our creation of this nexus point, around which these positive electromagnetic fields of intelligence can move together as a coherent force, is an unusual proposition.

This is because the creators of these angels come from many different spiritual, alien and interdimensional sources.  These “angelic beings” rarely interact with each other, and yet we are calling them to the Table of Destiny for the sake of humanity and all life upon this planet.

This nexus point will occur on September 5, 2015, in the last half hour of an event in Manhattan called In the Company of Angels. The meditation will begin at 5:30PM and end at 6:00PM Daylight Savings Time (US) or 9:30PM – 10:00PM GMT. (For the specific time in your area, you can use an online Time Converter or the World Time Clock.)”

Tom Kenyon says “For those of you who wish to join us in spirit on Sept 5, 2015, please download the sound meditation A Bridge Between the Worlds rather than listen to it from our server. I make this request because if too many people try to listen to it from our site at the same time, the server will not be able to handle the demand; it will crash, and no one will be able to hear it.

For those of you tuning into the global meditation from a distance, the Hathors suggest that you listen to the sound meditation (A Bridge Between the Worlds) three times with your awareness at your crown. They also suggest taking thirty minutes or so afterwards to integrate your experience.

©2015 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved www.tomkenyon.com
You may make copies of this message and distribute it so long as you do not charge for it, do not alter it in any way and include this entire copyright notice. Please note that the sound meditation, A Bridge Between the Worlds, may not be posted or shared. It is for you personal use only.”

I hope you find this message useful and that you join me in this important world meditation.

Nameste Heather