Keys to the Universe

On 24th January 2011, I went along to an evening with Diana Cooper organised by Sue Stone as one of her Positive Living Group ( meetings. Diana gave us an insight into her latest book the Keys to the Universe which she co-wrote with Kathy Crosswell. Diana tells us in the book, that we can now, for the first time, access the secrets of the universe held by the 48 Keys and the 2 Cosmic Keys. Diana took us through several meditations, one being exploring Hollow Earth and communicating with Metatron. An absolutely amazing experience.

First Meditation Evening

Complete Wellbeing held it’s first Meditation Evening on 6th April. I want to thank Andrea, Celia, Laura, Lisa, Rita and Susan for coming along.

Apart from Susan, everyone was new to meditation so we started off with going through the basics, concentrating on the breath. We then moved on to exercises, finishing with Chakra balancing.

It was then time for the refreshments and a good old natter and for Susan to give some Magnified Healing to Rita.

My thanks to Bruce for letting us use the hospitality cabin at the football club, for Lisa for being the “David Bailey” for the evening and for Susan for her fantastic input.

The unanimous decision was to run the meditation evenings on the first and third Wednesday of each month 7 pm to 9 pm with a cost of £2. So why not come along and join our little group and experience all the benefits that meditation can bring. You don’t have to be an expert as we are all learning together.

For more information just visit the Meditation section on my website.

Watercress Soup

Creative Commons License photo credit: HealthAliciousNess

My husband and I spent a fantastic afternoon with our friend who owns Richardson Autos and who is recovering from liver cancer. He invited us to go watercress picking. As we all know, watercress is excellent for cancer patients.

Well I decided to have a go at watercress soup and this is the recipe I used:

Chop an onion and some cloves of garlic and heat in oil in a pan. Dice some potatoes and add to the pan and saute for 10 minutes. Then add the watercress to the pan with 1 litre of vegetable stock and cook for 10 minutes. Then liquidise.

If anyone has any other watercress soup recipes, please let me know.